Pain Relief Massage

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Pain Relief Massage

Pain Relief Massage | Massage & Bodywork By Henry - Odessa, TX

For most people, their daily work schedule leaves them with back or muscle pain. Sitting hunched over a desk can destroy your back. Physical labor leaves one drained and sore on a daily basis. Typing all day can lead to carpal-tunnel and joint ache. A pain relief massage will allow you to feel rejuvenated and give you more energy for the next day!

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. You should never ignore your body’s signals, because chances are you have suffered an injury. I can explore your pain points and give you relief through a professional massage. I will consult with you to find where you are having the most pain, and design a massage regimen to help you feel relief at last!

Having body pain does more than hurt you physically. More often than not, chronic pain will leave you feeling stressed everyday. Even mundane tasks become monumental when undertaken with the burden of constant pain. So improve your emotional wellness and find out more about my pain relief massage. After one visit, you will feel more relaxed, de-stressed, and free to enjoy your life.

At Massage and Bodywork By Henry, I can tailor a massage treatment plan to your pain type. General pain will require a body ache massage, giving you pain relief from your everyday tasks. Together, I can isolate injured areas and find a solution to keep you out of the hospital and away from expensive insurance payments. In addition, minor pain such as finger aches can be resolved through my pain relief massage.

So come by, give me a call, or schedule an appointment through my website. I can find a personal solution for you to give you more energy and save you a visit to the hospital!

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