Sports Massage

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage | Massage & Bodywork By Henry - Odessa, TX

Being active can lead to some unfortunate consequences for your body. All athletes will face injury at some point in their career. Even if you don’t have a serious injury, you may want to improve your flexibility or strength. A sports massage is a fantastic way to accomplish all of these goals.

Sports massage can improve your health in a variety of areas:

Improve Body Awareness – With a sports massage, you will learn more about your body. I can help you find problem areas before they develop into injuries. Furthermore, I can help you learn ways to improve flexibility, and show you exercises to improve strength.

Improve Injured Areas – Injuries are very common for any athlete, from amateur to professional. With my sports massage you can improve your range of motion, increase circulation to troubled areas and soften scar tissue.

Improve Muscle Health – Your muscles require constant attention to ensure peak performance. My sports massage will flush out muscle toxins and leave you feeling relaxed in body and mind.

There are a number of different factors to consider when scheduling your sports massage as well. Improve your muscle health before your workout or competition, come visit me beforehand. Need relief from a tough game? Get a massage afterwards to relieve that muscle pain. I am also available for regular fine-tuning appointments for the serious athlete.

If you are an active person and have not felt in tip-top shape lately, it’s more than likely you need a massage. Training and practice are important for any sport, but taking care of your body is just as vital. My experience and expertise will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your next workout with newfound vigor!

So let Massage and Bodywork By Henry help you become a better athlete! Call me or visit my website today for more information!

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