Thai Massage

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage | Massage & Bodywork By Henry - Odessa, TX

For those who desire a more intense massage, a Thai massage is for you. This deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle. This process may leave clients sore for a couple of days after, but the results are worth it. For those souls brave enough to try this procedure, you will find yourself looser and more relaxed than ever before.

The Thai massage uses a combination of stretching, gentle massage movements, and meditation. The stretching borrows many stretching techniques from Yoga. The massager guides the recipient through a variety of Yoga-like positions while giving the massage. Do not be alarmed when the massager uses more than his or her hands to stretch the patient’s body, as this is part of the exercise. Meditation plays a large part as well, leaving the client more relaxed and centered than when they arrived.

Benefits of Thai massage include:

• Muscle relaxation and flexibility
• Increased blood pressure
• Relieve from joint and muscle pain
• Boosts the immune system
• Creates a more robust natural energy

While many tenets of Thai deep tissue massage may seem counterintuitive to Western practices, the technique has proven successful for many patients. The meditative and flexibility focus of Thai massage makes it a practice more focused on blending the mind and body. Much like Yoga, the procedure aims to improve a patient’s natural energy and gives him or her a confidence boost.

At Massage and Bodywork By Henry, you will find an excellent Thai deep tissue massage procedure. As I have mentioned earlier, this technique is not for the timid. In the beginning, you may feel sore however, after a few more visits, your body and mind will feel fresher than ever before. If any resident of Odessa wants a new experience in the massage world, this is definitely up your alley.

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